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If you’re a real estate agent in Albuquerque looking for a better brokerage, then you need to check out eXp Realty for three important reasons: 1) our training opportunities, 2) our competitive commission split, and 3) our revenue share plan.

Training Opportunities

There are training opportunities every day of the week with in our interactive online space.  Here is a list of some of the opportunities:

  • xCamp. Learn about new real estate technology tools.
  • Technology Q and A. Get your technology questions answered by the experts.
  • Your Agent Website (everyone gets a mobile responsive website)
  • Ask the Business Coach
  • Listing Mastermind

Company Split

The commission split is 80/20 until $16,000 in company dollar is paid. Once you’ve made it to $16,000,  your company dollar caps and you go to 100% for the rest of the calendar year. That happens at about 2.6M in gross sales. For most, that’s very attainable. For others, we can help you get there.

Revenue Share

When you recommend eXp to your agent friends and they come aboard, you’ll earn back a percentage of the company dollar that they pay. It doesn’t cost them anything, and it rewards you for helping to spread the good news. This is ideal if you are building  your real estate team. To see what kind of opportunity this can be as you build your real estate empire visit My Albuquerque eXp Website and look for the Team Revenue Calculator.

Learn More

If you would like to learn more, please call, text or email me and I’ll be happy to answer any questions that you have. Or maybe you’d like to see our online office space? I’ll send you a guest pass to attend eXP explained which happens every Wednesday at 11am. You’ll learn more about what makes us great.

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